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ILM’s SAT test preparation courses is the gateway to your dream career

The New SAT was introduced in May 2016 and has completed one full season since its inception. The New SAT has three main sections:

Evidence based reading: Like the old SAT, the reading section on the New SAT continues to test student’s comprehension and analytical ability of dense, long passages. There are 52 Multiple-
choice questions on this section which need to be answered in 65 minutes.

Writing and Language: This section will measure a student’s familiarity with conventions of English grammar and usage of language. There are a total of 44 questions that are to beanswered in 35 minutes.

Math: there are two Math sections: section 3 is Math without calculator, requiring students to attempt 20 questions in 25 minutes. The last 5 questions are grid in questions for which there are no options available.

Section 4 is Math with calculator, comprising 38 questions to be answered within 55 minutes.

Section 5 is an Essay writing section that is optional. For those who choose to write the essay, the time allotted is 50 minutes.

The Reading and Writing sections are scored together from 200 to 800 points, while the Math non- calculator and calculator sections are scored together on a scale of 200 to 800 points. The total score is 400 to 1600 points. The essay has a score of 24 points, however, the essay score is not included in or added to the score of 1600.